English Deaf Chess Association


EDCA Club Championship Rules


1.  The time control shall be 40 moves in 2 hours. After black’s 40th move has been played, another 15 minutes shall be added to the clock for each player for the rest of the game (“sudden death”).


2.   In single games, a victory is counted as 1 point, a draw as 0.5 point, and a defeat as 0 point. Each team’s place in the order of ranking will be decided by the number of game points it has scored.


3.        If teams gain the same number of game points then the following factors – in the order given – shall decide the ranking;


i.        The better result in the team matches according to the won and drawn games.

ii.       The mutual results of the teams who have the same number of points.

iii.      The better results of the first two boards in the tournament as a whole.

iv.      The drawing of lots.


4.   Throughout the event, the list of players in board order must be strictly adhered to and the club captain must hand in the list of four players in board order 15 minutes before the next round is due.


5.   No second team from the same club is allowed i.e. no London “B” or Sheffield “B” teams.


6.   Should there be more than two participating clubs, the all-play-all system shall be used.


7.   Should there be more than six clubs then the Swiss system shall be used.


8.   The FIDE Laws of Chess must be strictly observed and each match between teams shall be

      played over 4 boards.


9.   In the event of unforeseen circumstances which presents an odd number of participating teams,

      2.5 points shall be awarded to the participating team given a bye in that round.


10.   Should there be only 2 participants then a match shall be held to determine the winner. Two slow-

        play games shall be held with the time control specified in 2.2. The toss of a coin shall determine

        who plays white in the first game and then the colours shall be reversed for the second game.


10.1.  Should the match end in a tie, then 2 quick play games shall be held with 30 minutes each to

         complete the game.


10.2.  Should the match still end in a tie then two further games of 15 minutes each

         shall be played.


10.3.  If still tied then two 5 minute games shall be played.


10.4.  If still tied then a sudden death blitz game shall be held where white has 5 minutes and black

         has 4 minutes but white must win to win the match overall. The toss of a coin shall determine

         the colours.


10.5. The tournament controller’s decision is final in every respect.



Based on the EDCA Club Championship Rules written in October 2002 by the EDCA Executive.


Updated by Alasdair MacLeod.


Signed:   Alasdair MacLeod


Date:    26/7/2004