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EDCA National Championship, Coventry, 1-2 November 2014
We saw another successful event in Coventry held to conclude the EDCA's 40th anniversary celebrations this year. This followed the enjoyable weekend spent back in March and was another poignant reminder for us that the 1st EDCA Congress was held in Coventry back in 1973.
It was fitting that we saw an excellent turnout of 26, the best for many years. It was felt that the 40th Anniversary weekend had helped achieve this number with some ex-EDCA members coming back. We have to look back at the 2002 Glasgow and 2008 Edinburgh events for 20+ players but we did have some help from our Scottish friends. The record still belongs to London in 1986 where there were 58 players!
The Premier was won by Alasdair MacLeod who managed to defend his title from last year. It was his 3rd time as EDCA Champion. In 2nd place was Christopher Kreuzer ahead on tie-break of Lewis Martin in 3rd place.
In the Major, Chris Reid emerged triumphant just ahead of Richard Willson and Gary Hunter on tie-break.
The Minor trophy, for under 80 graded players in the Major tournament, was won by G|ilberto Templo. In 2nd place was Richard Willson and in 3rd was the newcomer making his EDCA debut, Lucchesi Reynolds.
The Veteran Cup was won by Jonathan Williams.
Many thanks has to go to our hardworking Chairman Barry David and Secretary/Treasurer Ilan Dwek for all their efforts in staging another EDCA event. They also went the extra mile to drum up as much support for the event. The EDCA were also grateful to Coventry Deaf Club for the use of their venue and their many volunteers who kept us supplied with lunch and refreshments.
You can find some pictures on the EDCA Facebook page
1st Alasdair MacLeod (London,160)        4/5
2nd Christopher Kreuzer (London,166)   3/5 (SPS:12)
3rd Lewis Martin (Swindon,195)             3/5 (SPS:10)
4th Neil Dunlop (London,152)                 3/5 
5th Ilan Dwek (Reading,147)                  2/5  (SPS:8)
6th Barry David (London,146)                 2/5 (SPS:6)
7th Jet Ajimal (Birmingham,108)            2/5 (SPS:6)
8th Robert Burnett (Dundee,125)            2/5 (SPS:4)
9th Stephen Gibson (Doncaster,107)       2/5 (SPS:4)
10th Chris Williamson (Birmingham,104)   0/5
1st Chris Reid (Birmingham,110E)                   4/5  (SPS:10)
2nd Richard Willson (Romford,103)                4/5  (SPS:9)
3rd Gary Hunter (South Shields,108)             4/5 (SPS:7)
4th James Kelberman (Purley,136E)                3/5
5th Jonathan Williams (Uttoxeter,101E)         3/5
6th Martin Berridge (Birmingham 92)              2/5 (SPS:9)
7th Howard Woolfe (Swindon,117E)                 2/5 (SPS:8;SB:5.25)
8th Albert Kelberman (Grays,115E)                 2/5 (SPS:8;SB:4.75)
9th Michael Simmons (Sheffeld,91)                  2/5 (SPS:6)
10th John Wassell (Birmingham,102)                2/5 (SPS:5)
11th John Christie (Fife,117E)                           2/5 (SPS:5)
Minor (combined with Major, for U80 players)
1st Gilberto Templo (Derby,73)                      2/5   (SPS:7)
2nd David Whiston (Sheffield,78)                  2/5   (SPS:6)
3rd Lucchesi Reynolds (Milton Keynes, 70E)    2/5
4th Matthew Jackson  (Birmingham, 70E)        1/5
5th Steve Gould (Birmingham, 70E)                  0/5



41st EDCA National Championship, Coventry, 1st-2nd November 2014
We are pleased to confirm the details of the next EDCA National Championship;
Where: Coventry Deaf Club,
             Henry Fry Centre,
             Hertford Place,
             CV1 3JZ
When: Saturday 1st November to Sunday 2nd November 2014
Please see the enclosed attachment for the entry form.
If you have any questions or want a copy of the entry form, please email the organiser, Ilan Dwek: edcasecretary@btinternet.com

JUNE 2014

ICCD Olympiad, World Deaf Team Championship, 18-28 June 2014, Opatija, Croatia

9th round
Bulgaria 2 - 2 England
In the final round, this match finished 2-2 after 4 quick draws which is understandable from both sides' point of view. It ensured Bulgaria won the tournament and in the end England got 6th place just edging out Russia on tie-break.
Even if England won 4-0, which would have been a tall order against a team with 2 IM's and a FM, they still wouldn't have won a medal due to other teams' results. Losing this match would have meant England finishing 10th or 11th which would have been a shame seeing how well they played throughout where they actually played against the top 5 teams at the end and only played against 2 teams below their 10th seeding. They won 3 matches, drew 5 and only lost 1 match.
So Bulgaria are the World Deaf Team Champions with Poland 2nd and Germany 3rd.
Many congratulations goes to all the players for contributing towards the best performance by an England Deaf team in history. We did come 7th in 2006 but that was against fewer teams and didn't face as many higher seeded teams like this time round.
The stand out performances came from Lewis Martin on board 1 with 5/9, a 2241 performance and gaining 29 ELO points, and Chris Kreuzer on board 4 with 6/8 or 7/9 if you include the default win, a 2252 ELO performance and gaining 37 ELO points. He narrowly missed out on the board 4 prize to IM Orev of Bulgaria. Well done to them both and hope they can continue with this excellent form in future.
All the other team members also played an important part especially with the vital wins to ensure we won the matches against Switzerland, Israel and Italy. So well done too to Neil Dunlop, Ilan Dwek, Phillip Gardner and Barry David who was also captain so had extra responsibility to shoulder.
To put it all in perspective, as I mentioned earlier, we edged out Russia on tie-break to take 6th place. The Russian team had a 2 week training camp before coming to Croatia. We had nothing remotely resembling the resources they had on display where our team members prepared on their own with no coach. 
The Women's World Deaf Team Championship was won by Ukraine with Russia 2nd and Kazakhstan 3rd. More details can be found here
In the individual Open tournament, Olaf Hoyer (Germany) won convincingly ahead of Petrenko (Russia) and Petrauskas (Lithuania). More details can be found here
Finally, there was the 3rd World Deaf Blitz Championship held one evening in the middle of the tournament which was won by GM Gruenfeld with IM Collutiis 2nd and FM Zivic 3rd. Chris Kreuzer was the only England player taking part where he scored 4/10. More details can be found here
The English Deaf Chess Association would like to thank the following for their generosity in providing some financial help towards the players' accommodation and travel expenses;

Friends of Chess http://friendsofchess.wordpress.com/
Individual supporters
London Deaf Chess Club
Sheffield Deaf Chess Club
8th round
Italy 1 - 3 England
The game scores haven't come out yet so we can only rely on the individual board results only to tell the story. We got off to a great start with Phillip Gardner beating Marco Grudina (ELO 1756) on board 4 which was soon followed by Ilan Dwek beating Patrizio Deancovich (ELO 1579) on board 2. On board 1 Lewis Martin had a tough pairing playing black against IM Collutiis (ELO 2471) where he eventually lost. So England were 2-1 up with one to play where they needed at least a draw to win the match. On board 3 Chris Kreuzer did exactly that, beating Mirko Pasquotto (ELO 1869) with the black pieces.
Well done to the England team on this fine match win, a pleasant change from all those 2-2 draws!
See here for the latest results and standings after round 8 on the chess-results.com website.
England are 5th= on match points but are currently 7th if you apply the tiebreak of game points.
In the 9th round we are playing against Bulgaria, the leaders. This will be LIVE where you can watch it from 8.30am today;
Unfortunately I will be working so won't be able to watch it live but will be able to play through the games once I have a chance to! Straight after work I will be away on holiday until Monday so I will not be providing a report on this round until late on Monday evening. So keep an eye on the above link, the chess-results.com website as well as the EDCA Facebook page!
Bulgaria need at least a 2-2 draw to become World Champions. England have an outside chance of a medal where we need to beat Bulgaria and hope the other results go our way!
Good luck to the team, fingers crossed!
There was a lot of drama yesterday when the round 7 pairings were changed because Serbia, the leaders, were deducted 3 match points and dropped down to 4th as a result.
I had a rough idea of what happened yesterday morning but I still don't know the full story as I have been waiting for an official explanation. However, so far there's been nothing on either the tournament website or the ICCD website which is very disappointing to see. I accept they have all been living in a 'bubble' in Opatija but they need to be aware that the world can see the round 7 pairings were changed and that Serbia dropped from being leaders down to 4th. The England officials there are also players so quite rightly they have been focussing on the chess rather than the politics. One of our players who is not an official, Neil Dunlop, has given a decent concise explanation and I have quoted from him;
"...The number 5 player was found to have a hearing loss of only 28dB, well under the ICCD requirement of a minimum of 55dB. The player's results in earlier rounds have all been converted to loss by default. This results in Serbia losing 3 match points and other teams gaining 1 match point, because their 3-1 losses to Serbia became 2-2 draws. The draw for the 7th round has been revised and now England play Serbia instead of Italy! Serbia had five players in their squad, now they're down to four in listed board order: Cimesa, Klasan, Zivic and Moldovanovic. They are making noises about pulling out. Unsettling for England wondering if Serbia are playing or not but we are preparing as though the match is on...."
The big question on everyone's lips is obviously how was this allowed to happen until 6 rounds had been played rather than before the tournament? Personally, I am very sorry that this happened as it has put a dampener on what has been an excellent tournament so far.
7th round
England 2-2 Serbia
Now this is the perfect moment for me to stop writing about that and will write about the round 7 match between England and Serbia where we drew 2-2. On board 1 Lewis won again against Cimesa (ELO 2020), on board 2 Neil, instead of possibly facing Deancovich (ELO 1579) of Italy, lost to the most formidable opponent of them all, the ICCD World Champion IM Klasan (ELO 2333). Chris's opponent FM Zivic withdrew in protest at what happened and so we scored a default win - again, I am sorry to see this as we want to win on the chessboard, not outside it. On board 4 Barry David lost to Moldovanovic (ELO 2034).
Well done again to Lewis, he is on 5/7 and his TPR is now 2304 gaining 32 ELO points so far. It is frustrating that we know he should have a far higher ELO rating as his ECF grade of 194 surely indicates that he should be around the 2175-2200 ballpark area. But he will need to produce the same brilliant performance at least twice before he reaches that!
In round 8 we face Italy....our original round 7 opponents (!) so good luck to the team who are in currently 9th place.
As an aside, warm congratulations goes to our own Phillip Gardner who will be the new ICCD President as from 1st January 2015. Also, our own Michael Freund was awarded a silver medal in recognition of his long service as ICCD Treasurer for 12 years as he will step down on 31st December 2014. Well done to both of them!
6th round
Poland 2 - 2 England
This match was shown live and while I managed to watch the second half of the games I felt nervous for the team, more than if I was playing! On board 1, Lewis Martin as black against Jerzy Strzelecki (ELO 2089), managed to wriggle out of a difficult opening where after falling behind in development, he managed to sniff out every chance of counterplay. Then all of sudden his opponent blundered while still in a better position and Lewis pounced on this mistake with a rook sacrifice forcing the win of the queen after knight forks queen and king.
On board 2, Neil Dunlop played really well against Mateusz Lapaj (ELO 2098) who was on fire with 5/5 so far and stood better after winning the exchange but his opponent was fortunate to have sufficient counterplay available which made the position unclear. After black's 35th move I was wondering where the white king should go and I was feeling pessimistic until Neil played the amazing move 36. Qd3!! which must have been the only move. It was a great shame that Neil's blunder soon after lost the game which spoiled what was an exciting game. Poland went 2-1 up after Ilan Dwek had a tough game with black against Marcin Chojnowski (ELO 2084) where he was hanging on until a blunder lost on the spot.
So this left Chris Kreuzer needing to win his game against Tomasz Miozga (ELO 1881) on board 4 to equalise. Chris kept his cool where he always seemed to stay in control with white and calmly played into a won rook and pawn endgame to make it 2-2.
Well done to both Lewis and Chris on winning their games again. It is a good time to mention that Lewis is on 4/6 on board 1 with a 2292 performance so far while Chris is on 5/6 with a 2252 performance. At the top, the ICCD World Champion IM Vladimir Klasan (Serbia) is on 6/6 on board 1, a Carlsen-like performance of 2960. GM Yehuda Gruenfeld is also on 6/6 on board 1 but hasn't faced as many strong players as IM Klasan has.
England are currently 8th and Serbia are in 1st place so far with 3 rounds left to play.
It is a rest day today (but not for Barry David, Ilan Dwek and Phillip Gardner who are involved in the ICCD Congress scheduled to last all day from 9am to 6pm!).
In the 7th round tomorrow England play against Italy, the 9th seeds, who have the luxury of having IM Duilio Collutiis (ELO 2471) on board 1. He won the Italian Championship in 2002 amongst IM's and GM's.
Good luck to the England team!
5th round
England 2 - 2 Ukraine
The games for this round haven't come out yet but we came out with a fine 2 - 2 draw against Ukraine, the 8th seeds and who outrated us on all boards.
Well done to Lewis Martin on beating Vladimir Kovalenko (ELO 2087) on board 1 and to Christopher Kreuzer on beating Volodymyr Zabolotny (ELO 2047) on board 3.
4th round
Israel 1 - 3 England
The team bounced back from the disappointment of the previous round by beating Israel. On board 1, Lewis had a tough game against GM Yehuda Gruenfeld where he lost but Neil Dunlop, Ilan Dwek and Chris Kreuzer all won their games on boards 2, 3 and 4.
Well done to the team who are currently in 6th place.
In the 5th round, England are playing Ukraine, the 8th seeds. There are two rounds tomorrow starting at 8am and 3pm (UK time). Good luck to them!
They have narrowly missed being on the live boards again so fingers crossed they get the right result in the morning to be on the live boards in the afternoon.
EDCA Facebook page - apparently this link should work even if you are not on Facebook. There are a lot of really good photos and video clips on there - again thanks to Barry David and Ilan Dwek.
Video clip of Opening Ceremony and a bit of the 1st round - I came across this on YouTube by accident while browsing on my mobile. A warning though, calling it a "clip" is pushing it a bit as it is over 18 minutes long but you can skip bits of it like I did! But it's worth it to see the bits where Phil is trying to hurry things along which made me smile.


3rd round
England - 3 Germany
In the match against the 5th seeds, we were well beaten by stronger players on the day and I am sure the team were disappointed with the result. The only bright spot was Lewis' draw on board 1 against IM Sergey Salov (ELO 2264). Lewis was clearly better around 25 moves into the game but went wrong somewhere, probably on the 30th move. At the end he had a slightly worse position but Sergey agreed a draw presumably because he was short of time.
The games played today can be found here
In the 4th round, England play against Israel, the 13th seeds, who have the luxury of having GM Yehuda Gruenfeld on board 1.
Finally, I would like to add that if you are on Facebook, you can see some photos and video clips thanks to Barry David and Ilan Dwek.
2nd round
Switzerland 1-2 England
This was a good match win against the 11th seeds and another well done goes to Chris Kreuzer who scored the decisive win on board 4 and is on 2/2 while Lewis Martin, Neil Dunlop and Ilan Dwek drew their games on boards 1, 2 and 3.
In the 3rd round, England face Germany and it looks like they will be on the live boards. So you will be able to watch their games from 2.30pm onwards tomorrow or play through when you are able to!


1st round

England 2-2 Croatia

England got off to great start by holding the number 1 seeds, Croatia to a 2-2 draw in the 1st round!

Well done to Lewis Martin on beating Goran Cehic (ELO 2173) on board 1 and Christopher Kreuzer who beat Toni Vujcic (ELO 2162) on board 3. Croatia left out their top player GM Zlatko Klaric (ELO 2415)  where I assume this is because he is the main organiser of this tournament so he must already be exhausted!
The England-Croatia match was on the live games page - unfortunately I did not know there were live games until I saw a link to them about half an hour after the final result came up! They won't be on the live boards for the 2nd round but if they can string together a couple of match wins in a row then they can appear there.
Tournament website
Live games page
Play through the 1st round live games
1st round results

EDCA 40th Anniversary celebration weekend

Date: 29-30 March 2014

Venue: Coventry Deaf Club, Hertford Place, Coventry, CV1 3JZ 

Help the EDCA celebrate 40 years' existence from 1973-2013. All EDCA members past and present are welcome to come along for this special reunion weekend.

Saturday: 2pm - exhibition, chess/wine.  7pm: dinner

Sunday: 9.30am Matthew Sunderland Rapidplay tournament; 2.30pm William Onion Lighting tournament

Email for further information: edcasecretary@btinternet.com



41st EDCA National Championship, Wakefield , 26-27 October 2013

It was another enjoyable EDCA weekend, this time in Wakefield where it had been 11 years since the EDCA last ran a tournament there back in 2002 for the EDCA Club Championship. It was unfortunate that we saw 3 late withdrawals but 16 entries was pretty much par for the course. The EDCA decided to run the tournament as an Open tournament instead of separate sections for the Premier and the Major. However, to make up for it the Minor trophy made a comeback after 11 years' absence. We saw one new face taking part with the EDCA Chairman Barry David giving a warm welcome to John Eddershaw - a Yorkshireman himself, living not too far away in Ecclesall, just south west of Sheffield. Another warm welcome was given by Barry to Gary Hunter, Peter O'Connell and Desmond Masterson, where they were all making a comeback after a few years' absence.

The 1st round mostly saw Premier players against Major players - there were no big surprises but a couple of results stood out: Desmond Masterson drew against Jet Ajimal and Martin Berridge drew against Michael Freund. We'd better keep an eye out for those two, Des and Martin, both showing early signs of improvement already here...... In the 2nd round, two players emerged as the early joint leaders with 2/2: Christopher Kreuzer beat Ilan Dwek and Alasdair MacLeod beat Robert Burnett. Elsewhere, the most eye-catching result was Martin Berridge's draw against Jet Ajimal - I did say Martin was showing early signs of good form and he proved that his 1st round draw was no fluke.

In the 3rd round we saw the clash of the top seeds - Chris Kreuzer v. Alasdair MacLeod was a Classical Dragon. Chris had a nagging advantage out of the opening all the way through the middlegame but his time trouble demons proved to be his downfall when he thought for a long time over a move which weakened his queenside position and allowed Alasdair to have a strong rook on the 3rd rank via c3. Down to the last few minutes both players missed the best moves both in defence (Alasdair) and attack (Chris) until Chris unfortunately lost on time in an unclear position. This meant that at the end of Saturday we had a clear leader on 3/3, Alasdair MacLeod. Elsewhere both Barry David and Ilan Dwek kept their noses in the hunt at the front with wins against Freund and Berridge respectively. Another eye-catching result came from Des Masterson who beat Peter O'Connell....we'd better keep our eye open again for Des, he seems to be in good form just like Martin......

In the 4th round on Sunday morning, the top board was Alasdair MacLeod-Barry David where Alasdair was prepared for Barry's pet move of an early Qa5 manoeuvre in the Sicilian Defence. Alasdair won a pawn out of the opening and had a large lead in development but Barry turned the tables by the single simple move of b6! which opened up his c8 bishop and allowed him to develop quicker than expected. Later, the pawn was won back by Barry and he had the bonus of 2 bishops against Alasdair's 2 knights, better in an open endgame. Later on it turned into a pawn race but Barry's black pawns on the kingside were much fitter and racing along quicker than white's queenside pawns which never got going. After mutual time trouble, and as soon as the pieces were exchanged there were 3 pawns each at which point Alasdair offered a draw. Barry accepted, thinking that if any of the 3 pawns moved it was a clear draw. In time trouble both players had overlooked that black's king could move instead leaving white in zugzwang where white's doubled pawns were useless, so leading to a clear win for black. Elsewhere Ilan Dwek beat Raimundas Jankus to challenge the leader in the final round.

Now what happened to Martin and Des in the 4th round....Martin beat David Whiston and Des beat Gary Hunter.....have Martin and Des been receiving secret coaching from Magnus Carlsen or something!? I told you to keep an eye on them from the beginning.... They led the Major field and so faced each other in the final round where the winner gets the Major trophy and the loser gets the Minor trophy. They both fought hard until the end where they were the last game to finish where Martin's strong passed pawn was too much for Des to defend. So Martin was the worthy winner of the John Brown trophy while Des had the consolation of winning the Minor - the Moira Cross trophy. Both were worthy winners as they were the most improved players by a long way compared to last year. Elsewhere, Alasdair was about to be 2 pawns up against Ilan who was caught out in a sharp line of the 6.Bg5 Najdorf Sicilian then he offered a draw to be safe of the winning the Premier and become the EDCA Champion for the 2nd time, nine years after winning it for the first time back in 2004. Barry David drew against Chris Kreuzer to secure 2nd place with Chris 3rd.

Thanks goes to Ilan Dwek for acting as the controller - I know it is not an easy job doing that and playing! Thanks also goes to Barry David for promoting the weekend especially on Facebook as well as helping to organise the whole weekend. The EDCA were also grateful to Steve Gibson for helping with the arrangements where he dealt with Wakefield Deaf Club and contributed to the whole weekend going very smoothly. Finally the EDCA were grateful to Wakefield Deaf Club and their volunteers for letting us have their venue for the whole weekend as well as serving us drinks and lunch on both the Saturday and Sunday. 

Ilan Dwek, temporary Secretary writes;
We welcome aboard Steve Gibson onto the EDCA Executive Committee as a co-opted Committee member. We also thank Steve for his hard work on behalf of EDCA in securing Wakefield Deaf Club  for the recent EDCA Chess Championships
We welcomed Jackie Harrison of DSPY [Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Awards - next in Coventry, November 2014] who filmed some of the activity in the 4th & 5th round and the edited film is now on YouTube, which is excellent publicity for EDCA
Enjoy the clip!

Final Placings (5 rounds)

1st A MacLeod 4
2nd B David 3.5
3rd C Kreuzer 3.5
4th I Dwek 3.5
5th J Ajimal 3.5
=6th R Jankus 3
=6th M Berridge 3
=8th M Freund 2.5
=8th D Masterson 2.5
=10th R Burnett 2
=10th G Templo 2
12th M Simmons 2
13th J Eddershaw 2
14th P O'Connell 1.5
=15th D Whiston 1
=15th G Hunter 1

Round 1    
J Eddershaw 0-1 A MacLeod
B David 1-0 M Simmons
C Kreuzer 1-0 G Hunter
D Whiston 0-1 I Dwek
D Masterson  1/2-1/2 J Ajimal
R Jankus 1-0 P O'Connell
R Burnett 1-0 G Templo
M Berridge 1/2-1/2 M Freund
Round  2    
A MacLeod 1-0 R Burnett
R Jankus 1/2-1/2 B David
I Dwek 0-1 C Kreuzer
J Ajimal 1/2-1/2 M Berridge
M Freund 1-0 D Masterson
G Hunter 0-1 D Whiston
G Templo 0-1 J Eddershaw
M Simmons 1/2-1/2 P O'Connell
Round  3    
C Kreuzer 0-1 A MacLeod
B David 1-0 M Freund
M Berridge 0-1 I Dwek
J Ajimal 1/2-1/2 R Jankus
P O'Connell 0-1 D Masterson
R Burnett 1-0 D Whiston
G Templo 0-1 G Hunter
M Simmons 1 Bye
J Eddershaw 1/2 Bye
Round  4    
A MacLeod 1/2 - 1/2 B David
R Burnett 0-1 C Kreuzer
I Dwek 1-0 R Jankus
M Simmons 0-1 J Ajimal
D Whiston 0-1 M Berridge
P O'Connell 0-1 G Templo
M Freund 1/2-1/2 J Eddershaw
D Masterson 1-0 G Hunter
Round  5    
A MacLeod 1/2 - 1/2 I Dwek
C Kreuzer 1/2-1/2 B David
J Eddershaw 0-1 J Ajimal
R Jankus 1-0 R Burnett
M Berridge 1-0 D Masterson
G Hunter 0-1 P O'Connell
M Freund 1/2-1/2 M Simmons
G Templo 1-0 D Whiston



41st EDCA National Championship, Wakefield , 26-27 October 2013

Latest update 19/10/2013

Entries so far: 18

Phillip Gardner
Michael Simmons
Desmond Masterson
David Whiston
Barry David
John Eddershaw
Ilan Dwek
Christopher Kreuzer
Alasdair MacLeod
Jet Ajimal
Martin Berridge
Stephen Gibson
Peter Sharpe
Gilberto Templo
Michael Freund
Robert Burnett
Raimundas Jankus
Gary Hunter
41st EDCA National Championship, Wakefield 2013
Venue: Wakefield and District Society for Deaf People Centre
Date: 26-27 October 2013
Email edcasecretary@btinternet.com for further information and an entry form
JULY 2013
ICCD European Club Team Deaf Chess Championship, Kaunas, Lithuania
The was held last month where London Deaf Chess Club again represented England against a tough field with many strong players. The LDCC team was;
1. Christopher Kreuzer
2. Neil Dunlop
3. Ilan Dwek
4. Richard Dunn (Captain)
5. Barry David
In the end, LDCC came 9th out of 12 teams. They did well in accumulating the game points with 15 points scored, the highest since 1999. Zagreb (Croatia) won again with Sofia (Bulgaria) 2nd and Hamburg (Germany) 3rd.
EDCA member Raimundas Jankus also took part, playing for Kaunas (Lithuania) on board 3. They were supposed to play in the Open tournament but because of the odd number of teams in the Closed tournament, were forced to play in the Closed tournament. It was tough for them, finishing 11th.
You can get more information on this event from the ICCD website with full results, photos etc
One of the LDCC players, Barry David, set up a Facebook group for photos, film clips and other information. You will need a Facebook account to view this. As an aside, this has influenced the decision to have a group for the ICCD, see here
EDCA members' news
There has been 2 pieces of exciting news coming from 2 of our members recently.
Lewis Martin (Swindon) came 1st= with 4/5 and a 213 grading performance in the Open section of the Steve Boniface Memorial tournament held in Bristol last month. In addition to the prizemoney won (no, I don't know how much, I was unable to ascertain this anywhere online!), Lewis also won a qualifying place in the British Championship which he has now decided to take - see here for the list of entrants so far. As you can see, it will be tough with many GM's, IM's and other strong players taking part.
While other EDCA members have taken part in the additional tournaments at the British Championship such as David Guy in the Major Open and Chris Kreuzer in the U-180 Championship, this is the first time ever that a British deaf chess player will have taken part in the main tournament, the British Championship itself. So I'm sure you will all join me in wishing the best of luck to Lewis in Torquay! This tournament will take place from 29th July to 9th August.
Christopher Kreuzer and Neil Dunlop also played in the Bristol tournament, with Chris scoring 1/5 in the Open and Neil scored 2/5 in the Major section.
David Guy (Llanelli) will also claim a first for a British deaf chess player. He will be playing for the White Knights team who have qualified for the European Chess Club Cup to be held in Rhodes from 19th to 27th October 2013. This is another great achievement by an EDCA member being the first one to take part in this tournament with many GM's expecting to play. Again, we wish David the best of luck there! I believe he is the 2nd deaf chess player in the world to take part after IM Duilio Collutiis played a few years back.
David also has had a great season with the best individual performance for his team in the Welsh Chess Premier League with 5/6. He will be playing in the South Wales International Chess Open tournament starting today so best of luck there and hope it will be a good warm up for Rhodes!
EDCA Club Championship, London
Back in February, we had Sheffield, London and Birmingham competing for the EDCA Club Championship. This was in an all-play-all format and London triumphed in the end winning both their matches. So London Deaf Chess Club earned the right to represent England in the next ICCD European Club Team Deaf Chess Championship - more about that event can be found under February 2013 above.
The full results were;
London 4 - 0 Birmingham
Kreuzer 1 - 0 Ajimal
MacLeod 1 - 0 Williamson
Gardner 1 - 0 Wassell
Dunlop 1 - 0 Berridge
Sheffield 3 - Birmingham
Freund  1- 0 Ajimal
Gibson 1 - 0 Williamson
Simmons - Wassell
Whiston 1 - 0 Berridge
London 3 - Sheffield
Kreuzer - Freund
MacLeod 1 - 0 Gibson
Dunlop 1 - 0 Simmons
Dwek 1 - 0 Whiston
Final result
1st London        2 match points, 7 game points
2nd Sheffield     1 match point, 4 game points
3rd Birmingham 0 match points, game point
EDCA 40th National Championship, Walsall, 20-21 October 2012
Congratulations to Phillip Gardner on becoming EDCA Champion for the 8th time. His victory against the no.2 seed Christopher Kreuzer in the 2nd round was the key to his success going on to score 4/5. The no.1 seed Lewis Martin was looking for a 4th title in a row but fell off the rails in the 2nd round losing to Neil Dunlop. But Lewis bounced back strongly to win the last 3 games to finish 2nd with 4/5. Barry David was 3rd with 3/5.
It was a good tournament for the over 50's with Phil breaking the record for oldest winner at 55, Barry coming 3rd and Robert Burnett over 70 was also up there with 3 wins after starting with 2 losses. Neil Dunlop, another over 50's player also had a good tournament including the scalp of Lewis Martin but his final round loss to Robert Burnett spoiled an other wise brilliant tournament for him.
David Whiston won the John Brown trophy for the best performance by a Major participant. It was good to see 3 new members take part for the first time - Gilberto Templo, Martin Berridge and Rauimundas Jankus.
The EDCA would like to thank Walsall Deaf People's Centre for letting have their venue for the weekend.
ICSC World Individual Deaf Chess Championship,
Kazakhstan 27 September - 7 October 2012
Lewis Martin won in the last round which was small consolation for him having lost the previous 2 games. So he finishes on 5/11, 50% on his debut is a good performance and he had a tremendous start with his draw against GM Gruenfeld so this is definitely something to build on for future ICSC events. He was 12th= (16th after tie-break) out of 28 participants. He was seeded 15th so as usual a good prediction as seen for English representatives in past ICSC events!
Klasan (Serbia) is the new ICSC World Champion with 8/11 ending the 12 year reign of IM Georgiev (Bulgaria) who had to be content with the bronze medal. Anarkulov (Uzbekistan) took the silver medal in 2nd place.
In the Open Chris Kreuzer finished strongly winning his last 3 games to end up with 6/9, finishing 5th= (7th after tie-break) out of 37 participants. Barry David aimed for 50% or better and that was what he got with 4/9 finishing in 18th= (20th after tie-break). In the Deaf-Blind event, Desmond Masterson won his final round game so avoiding a whitewash and got 1/11 and came 10th out of 11 participants.
Many thanks to Barry for relaying the latest results back to us and also big thanks to the Russian Deaf Chess Federation for the pdf documents with results and standings as well as photos. I believe the credit there belongs to Alexander Beliakov, their President.
For results, photos and games see this link
EDCA 40th National Championship
Venue: Walsall Deaf People's Centre, 59a Lichfield Street, Walsall, West Midlands WS4 2BX
Date: 20-21 October 2012
Latest entries;
Phillip Gardner
Alasdair MacLeod
Barry David
Christopher Kreuzer
Neil Dunlop
Lewis Martin
Robert Burnett
Jet Ajimal
Chris Williamson
Gilberto Templo
Martin Berridge
Raimundas Jankus
Ilan Dwek
David Whiston
EDCA 40th National Championship
Venue: Walsall Deaf People's Centre, 59a Lichfield Street, Walsall, West Midlands WS4 2BX
Date: 20-21 October 2012
This will be an extra special occasion as we are planning to celebrate the EDCA's 40th anniversary as well. We plan to have rapidplay and fun game on the afternoon of Friday 19th October with a social to followin the evening. Venue TBA.
Email: englishdeafchess@aol.com for an entry form
JULY 2012
EDCA 40th National Championship
Venue: Walsall Deaf Club
Date: 20-21 October 2012
This will be an extra special occasion as we are planning to celebrate the EDCA's 40th anniversary as well. Entry forms will be sent out to you soon - so for now, please put this in your diaries!
EDCA Tri-AGM, 22 April 2012
This went well despite there only being 9 EDCA members turning up in Sheffield. In hindsight we should have held this on a Saturday rather than a Sunday due to travel problems being a persistent issue on Sundays.
The highlight was having the Liverpool 2011 accounts approved where at the end we managed to achieve a profit of just over 1,000, part of which will go towards helping us celebrate the EDCA 40th anniversary in Walsall. The huge success of Liverpool 2011 will help the EDCA for many years to come.
The election of officers saw the following re-elected: Barry David as Chairman, Ilan Dwek as Treasurer and Mick Simmons as Committee member. Thanks goes to them for continuing their good work for the EDCA over the next 3 years.
As announced in my Secretary's report, I had originally intended stepping down as Secretary following the AGM but as there was no nominations for this post I offered to continue for another 6 months until October 2012 where I will definitely step down.
So this is an appeal to anyone who is interested in becoming the new EDCA Secretary to get in touch with me. I would be very happy to discuss with you what the responsibilities are and what the work is like. If there is no-one coming forward for this role we will have to call an EGM in Walsall.
EDCA William Onion Lightning tournament, 22 April 2012
Everyone present at the Tri-AGM played in this tournament where we were also fortunate to have Raimundas Jankus (a deaf chess player from Lithuania currently living in London and a member of London Deaf Chess Club) offering to control the tournament.
As is the usual custom, this was played with 5 minutes each on the clock in an all-play-all format.
The result was as follows;
10 player all-play-all, 9 rounds
1st Alasdair MacLeod 8
2nd Ilan Dwek 6 (SB: 19)
3rd Christopher Kreuzer 6 (SB: 17)
4th Michael Freund 6
5th Raimundas Jankus 4
6th Jet Ajimal 4 (Jet beat Peter in their own game so he takes 6th place)
7th Peter Sharpe 4
8th Barry David 2
9th David Whiston 1
10th Michael Simmons 1
It was the 5th time that Alasdair MacLeod had won the William Onion Lightning Shield. Many thanks goes to Raimundas for the smooth running of the tournament and thanks to everyone for their support - we will have to wait another 3 years for the next one!.....
ICSC World Individual Deaf Chess Championship, Kazakhstan 27 September - 7 October 2012
The final entry form for England has been sent off to confirm the names who will be going;
ICSC World Individual - Lewis Martin
ICSC World Open - Christopher Kreuzer and Barry David
ICSC World Deaf-Blind - Desmond Masterson
Preparations for the event are well under way with the flights organised and work will continue to complete these preparations including the visa process.
The EDCA would welcome any donations to help support Lewis Martin in his first attempt in the Men's event. Let me know if you would like to contribute towards this.

April 2012

EDCA Tri-AGM and William Onion Lightning tournament
We have decided to hold these 2 events in 1 day and so we hope that the Matthew Sunderland Rapidplay tournament will be held next year instead. Please put this in your diary;
Date: Sunday 22 April
Venue: Sheffield Deaf Sport and Social Club,
105 Grange Crescent,
S11 8AZ

December 2011

EDCA Qualifying tournament, London, 2-4 December 2011
Lewis Martin yet again dominated another EDCA tournament winning with 5/6, so bringing this season 2011-2012 EDCA games total to 10/11. He has clearly earned the right to represent England in the ICSC World Individual Championship in Kazakhstan from 27 September - 7 October 2012.
Congratulations to Lewis, at 20 years old the youngest England qualifier for the World Individual in our history. I am sure you will join me in wishing him the best of luck in his preparation for the event.
Here's more information on the event from the ICSC website;
Kazakhstan 2012
Many thanks to the players themselves for taking part in the strongest EDCA qualifying tournament ever: Lewis Martin, Christopher Kreuzer, Phillip Gardner and Neil Dunlop. I would also like to thank Barry David and Richard Dunn for their invaluable assistance over the weekend.
1st Lewis Martin 5/6
2nd Christopher Kreuzer 3/6
3rd=Phillip Gardner, Neil Dunlop 1/6
BSL interpreter at the London Chess Classic, Sunday 11th December
There will be a BSL interpreter, Darren Townsend-Handscombe, on hand at the London Chess Classic for the introductions on stage at the start and the commentary at different time periods during the day from 2pm-9pm.
Here's the London Chess Classic website
Tickets are 20 for Sunday. Great value to watch the world's top 4 players and no.10 in the world along with England's top 4 players.
The pairing for Sunday 11th December, 8th round of 9 is;
Anand (India) ELO 2811 v. Carlsen (Norway) ELO 2826       The big clash, the world's top 2 players - the World Champion against the World no.1 !!
Howell (England) ELO 2633 v. Aronian (Armenia) ELO 2802
McShane (England) ELO 2671 v. Kramnik (Russia) ELO 2800
Nakamura (USA) ELO 2758 v. Short (England) ELO 2698
Adams (England) ELO 2734 (bye) and will assist the commentary.
In addition, Gary Kasparov will be popping along only just for the 11th December for a book signing!

October 2011

39th EDCA National Championship, Reading, 22-23 October 2011

Premier Result (5 rounds, Swiss)

1st Lewis Martin Swindon)                       5/5

2nd Alasdair MacLeod (Worcester Park)  3/5    (SPP=10; SB=6)

3rd Neil Dunlop (Basingstoke)                  3/5     (SPP=10; SB=5)

4th Phillip Gardner (Letchworth)              3/5    (SPP=8)

5th Christopher Kreuzer (Whitton)          2/5    (SPP=9)

6th Ilan Dwek (Hendon)                         2/5    (SPP=6)

7th David Guy (Llanelli)                         2/5     (SPP=6; SB=5.75)

8th Barry David (Finchley)                    2/5      (SPP=6; SB=4.75)

9th Robert Burnett (Dundee)                  2/5       (SPP=6)

10th Michael Freund (Canons Park)        2/5       (SPP=5)

11th Chris Williamson (Birmingham)        1/5       (SPP=4)

12th Jet Ajimal (Birmingham)                1/5       (SPP=2)


Major Result (4 rounds, all play all)

1st= Richard Willson (Romford) and John Wassell (Birmingham) 3/4

3rd Howard Woolfe (Swindon) 2/4

4th Michael Simmons (Sheffield) 1/4

5th David Whiston (Sheffield) /4


Congratulations to Lewis Martin on winning his hat-trick title, only the 3rd person to win 3 in a row after Phillip Gardner (1997-1999) and Christopher Kreuzer (2005-2008). It was the most convincing championship so far by Lewis, winning with a perfect score of 5/5 with only a couple of brief hairy moments to negotiate before winning comfortably. 

Also well done to Richard Willson and John Wassell on winning the on winning the John Brown trophy in the Major where the two could not be separated in an all play all format and on equal number of points and drawing their own game.

Many thanks go to Reading Deaf Club with their army of volunteers who heped us make it a weekend to remember, especially the delicious lunches. The EDCA handed over a donation to them as a token of our appreciation.


October 2011

Latest entries for EDCA National Championship in Reading;


Phillip Gardner, David Guy, Alasdair MacLeod, Robert Burnett, Neil Dunlop, Michael Simmons, Barry David, Chris Williamson, Michael Freund, Christopher Kreuzer, Ilan Dwek, Jet Ajimal, Lewis Martin


Richard Willson, Howard Woolfe, David Whiston, John Wassell


August 2011

EDCA National Championship 2011
The venue and date of the EDCA National Championship is now confirmed;
Venue: Reading Deaf Club
Date: 22-23 October 2011
Email englishdeafchess@aol.com for an entry form

June 2011

Liverpool 2011 - ICSC European Deaf Chess Club Championship
Liverpool 2011 was a great success with the hard work going into paying off handsomely. It was good to see a lot of support from EDCA members including those we hadn't seen for a while. In the end, the favourites Zagreb (Croatia) won with Kiev (Ukraine) 2nd and Hamburg (Germany) 3rd. London Deaf Chess Club played well to get within a sniff of the medals in finishing 6th.
In the 1st ICSC Open tournament, Dresden (Germany) dominated from start to finish with the two teams taking the top 2 places with Moscow (Russia) taking 3rd place. Sheffield Deaf Chess Club surprised everyone in finishing an excellent 4th where it was clear they had prepared well for the event.
Please see the website for more details including video clips, photos, results and games.
There were a lot of people to thank as witnessed at our closing ceremony and banquet at Liverpool Football Club where it is impossible to name them all but I have to make special mention of our sponsors without whom there would be no Liverpool 2011 event;

February 2011

EDCA Club Championship, Sheffield, 29th January 2011
This regular EDCA event, held every 2 years acts as the qualifying competition for the ICSC European Club Team Championship.
It was Sheffield Deaf Chess Club's turn to host this event and so it turned out to be the same 2 matches between SDCC and London Deaf Chess Club like in 2004, 2006 and 2008.
Richard Dunn the LDCC captain, won the toss against the SDCC captain, Tim Jones and chose white on odd numbered boards for the first match.
Before the match started we had one minutes' silence to remember the late Frank Wood.
1st match:  LDCC 3 -   SDCC
1. Alasdair MacLeod      1 - 0     Tim Jones
2. Christopher Kreuzer   1 - 0     Michael Freund
3. Neil Dunlop                -     Peter Sharpe
4. Phillip Gardner           1 - 0     Stephen Gibson
2nd match: LDCC 2 - 1  SDCC
SDCC white on odd numbered boards
1. Alasdair MacLeod      0 - 1       Tim Jones
2. Christopher Kreuzer   -      Michael Freund
3. Neil Dunlop                1 - 0       Peter Sharpe
4. Ilan Dwek                   1 - 0      Mick Simmons
Final result: London Deaf Chess Club 6 - 2 Sheffield Deaf Chess Club
London Deaf Chess Club will represent the EDCA for the ICSC European Club Team event with Sheffield Deaf Chess Club playing in the Open event in Liverpool.
We were grateful for Barry David acting as tournament controller ensuring the day ran smoothly. Many thanks also to Sheffield Deaf Sports and Social Club especially their Secretary, Julie Cooper for letting us have use of their premises and for the provision of lunch and refreshments. I was also grateful for the assistance of Mick Simmons for organising the Sheffield end of things, it was nice to see the chess boards and pieces set up ready for us when the LDCC team arrived!


January 2011

EDCA Club Championship, Sheffield, 29th January 2011

London Deaf Chess Club beat Sheffield Deaf Chess Club 6-2 over 2 matches.

Further details to come.


December 2010

Frank Wood 1923-2010

The English Deaf Chess Association is sad to inform you of the news of Frank Wood's passing away. On 20th November he suffered serious head injuries near his home which he never recovered from when he died in hospital on 3rd December. He was 87.

Frank was the 2nd ICSC Secretary from 1955 to 1958 and served many years as the chess administrator for deaf chess in Liverpool. He was a loyal member of the EDCA and even attended the recent EDCA National Championship in Sheffield over the weekend of 23-24 October 2010.

May he rest in everlasting peace.


December 2010

New website for Liverpool 2011;



November 2010

EDCA National Championship, Sheffield, 23-24 October

Result (5 rounds)

1st Lewis Martin Swindon)  4

2nd Christopher Kreuzer (Whitton)  3  (SB:12)

3rd Phillip Gardner (Letchworth) 3  (SB:10)

4th Tim Jones (Doncaster) 3 (SB:11)       

5th Alasdair MacLeod (Worcester Park) 3 (SB:10)

6th Robert Burnett (Dundee) 3 (SB: 7)

7th Neil Dunlop (Bath) 2

8th Michael Freund (Canons Park) 2  (SB: 6, OS:5)     

9th Jet Ajimal (Birmingham) 2 (SB: 6, OS:1)

10th Michael Simmons (Sheffield) 2  (SB:3)      

11th Peter Sharpe (Sheffield)  1                 

12th Frank Wood (Liverpool)    0

Tournament Controller: Barry David (Finchley)

Congratulations to Lewis Martin on retaining his title, winning his 2nd National Championship.

Also well done to Mick Simmons on winning the John Brown trophy for best performance by a Major participant.


October 2010

EDCA National Championship, Sheffield

Date: 23rd-24th October 2010

Venue: Sheffield Deaf Sport and Social Club

Latest official entrants:

Christopher Kreuzer, Phillip Gardner, Alasdair MacLeod, Mick Simmons, Tim Jones, Barry David, Neil Dunlop, Michael Freund, Robert Burnett, Frank Wood, Peter Sharpe


June 2010

ICSC Deaf Chess Olympiad, Estoril, Portugal 3-13 June 2010

Left to right: Richard Dunn, Christopher Kreuzer, Phillip Gardner, Ilan Dwek (Captain), Neil Dunlop, Alasdair MacLeod, Barry David (EDCA Chairman, kneeling down)


Formerly called the 'ICSC World Team Championship', the new name of 'ICSC Chess Olympiad' was greeted with universal approval as it felt extra special and made it more attractive to prospective sponsors. It was held in Estoril, Portugal about 20km west of Lisbon where it was mostly warm with a little bit of rain for a couple of days in the middle. We were fortunate that we managed to get a special offer on our hotel, 4 star, with a delicious cooked breakfast included as well. This was thanks to the search efforts of Barry David, our chairman and chief England supporter in Estoril where he joined us for 4 days at the end.

The chess conditions were very good with a nice large hall and top notch chess equipment so it felt like a professional tournament. There were 2 main differences from previous ICSC events in that there was a zero default time in place i.e. you had to be in your seat by the start time otherwise you lose. This was a new FIDE rule introduced as from July 2009. At first I thought it was a little strict but by the end of the tournament I was swayed by the arguments for this rule as it's about respect for your opponent, spectators and officials.  Indeed, it worked well as there was only one game throughout the entire tournament where this rule was enforced when an Israeli player overslept after a siesta believing the afternoon round was starting at 3.30pm instead of 3pm! You see, it was a start time of 3.30pm only for the 2 rounds a day in the timetable but for the 1 round a day the start time was 3pm.

The other new rule was the so called "Sofia rule" where you cannot agree a draw before 30 moves unless it's a repetition of moves or perpetual check. The arbiter has to agree any draw made before 30 moves. After 30 moves it's up to the 2 players. This seemed to pass by well without incident. The time control was 90 minutes for all moves with an increment of 30 secs added to your time for every move. We have had experience of this before in the 2007 ICSC Europa Cup in Bulgaria and the occasional tournament at home so we had no problems with it.

Every event isn't without its own problems as we sampled the Portuguese culture of waiting for quite a while before something happens. But the good food and drink more than made up for it as witnessed by the example of the closing ceremony banquet in a 5 star hotel. This tournament turned out to be the strongest ICSC event held with 2 GM's, 3 IM's and 4 FM's competing as well as numerous 2200+ players.

The England board order was;

1. Chris Kreuzer
2. Phillip Gardner
3. Alasdair MacLeod
4. Ilan Dwek (Captain)
5. Neil Dunlop
6. Richard Dunn

The current EDCA Champion, Lewis Martin was unfortunately not available due to A level exams.

1st Round  LOST -3 v. Germany

We expected a hard first match as we were seeded 12th out of the 17 teams lined up at the start. On board 1, Chris faced IM Sergey Salov for the 3rd time.... alas it wasn't 3rd time lucky as Chris fought well but Sergey found the winning line in the endgame. On board 2 Phil was slowly positionally outplayed by another strong and experienced player Hoffman, an ICSC GM.

On board 4, Neil made his England debut which was quite a baptism of fire against Jentsch, ELO 2174. He was getting outplayed and was a pawn down with little to show for it and resigned soon afterwards. It wasn't until after the game that we discovered that Neil had overlooked a winning rook move despite being a pawn down. Sitting next to him at the time I didn't see it either and was thinking of the same king move that Neil played in the game! "I played that king move on automatic pilot" said Neil - the same goes for me after I glanced over briefly at that point, I guess that makes me an automatic co-pilot......

On board 3 as white I allowed the Poisoned Pawn variation of the Najdorf where I was well prepared for the pawn sacrifice but sank into thought on move 10 when faced with a rare move. A forced repetition of moves was played after only 18 moves...but 3 hours thinking time had been used up by myself and my opponent, Mucha, when we had 15 mins each left (!) The draw stopped a whitewash and put a tiny bit of pride back into the England camp.

2nd Round WON 4-0 v. India DEFAULT

This was a most unfortunate situation where after sitting at the board for 5 mins, no Indian players turned up. It wasn't until afterwards when we discovered that there was a dispute between India and the Portuguese organisers over money and the Indian men's team were thrown out of the tournament. Their ladies' team still continued so I guess their budget could only stretch that far.

A great shame and a disappointing way to win 4-0 without a single move played. An amusing observation was shared with us by Phil who realised that we were leading the tournament after 1 round and a few minutes into the 2nd round (!)

3rd Round DREW 2-2 v. Kazakhstan

The first good news for England at last was Neil's win against an ELO 2144 rated player on board 4 where he played a nice attacking game right from the start against the Caro-Kann. A superb performance by Neil who had already forgotten about what happened the day before. On board 2 Phil seemed to have the positional edge but could not break down his opponent's solid defence and so agreed a draw. On board 3 I was up against it after a slightly dodgy opening but fought back, choosing to sacrifice a pawn to activate my pieces and get into a rook and pawn endgame a pawn down but with drawing chances. Soon afterwards I gratefully accepted my opponent's draw offer. On board 1, Chris had another tough game against an ELO 2229 rated player who has played for the ICSC team in the FIDE Olympiad. Both players got into time trouble but Chris missed a chance in the queen and rook endgame where instead he was saddled with weak isolated pawns and had to succumb to defeat.

4th Round LOST 1-2 v. Poland

This was the most controversial match that I have been involved in over 15 years of competitive chess. I obviously don't want to go into too much detail as I could write a book about it (!). Let's just say that Poland had their own political problems with 2 different organisations vying to control the Poland team - indeed there were two different board orders handed in which caused an uproar. As a result we did not start our match until 20 minutes after all the other matches started. So the organisers broke their own zero default rule about starting play at 3pm sharp :-) Their board 3 was defaulted as a kind of punishment for this debacle. This was a shame for Neil who was raring to go as white again following the high of his win in the previous round. On board 4 Richard a tough game against the c3 Sicilian and faced a difficult defence when faced with d5! completely opening the position up and Richard resigned later on. On board 2 Ilan wheeled out his trusted and solid black repertoire where he prepared hard before the game against the strong Stzrelecki ELO 2150 and didn't have much  trouble holding his position together and forced a repetition for a well earned draw. This left myself on board 1 needing a result to draw or win the match. Alas I was slowly outplayed by Checiak who ground me down right to the end.

Afterwards I wrote a letter of complaint in my capacity as EDCA Secretary about how the situation was handled at the start which affected our players. A couple of days later only ICSC was courteous enough to respond with an explanation of what happened as we were in the dark about what happened until that evening. No such reply was forthcoming from the Portuguese organisers and the Poland officials although the Poland players we faced were apologetic for the situation.

5th Round WON 2-1 v. Portugal

We bounced back with a win which was a welcome boost following the disappointment of the Poland match. On board 1, Phil overlooked a strong knight sacrifice made by his opponent. He fought back with a counter sacrifice too but his opponent found the refutation and Phil had to resign when faced with too much material loss. On board 2, I sacrificed a pawn against the Accelerated Dragon and attacked on the kingside where I sacrificed the exchange which was enough to convince my opponent to resign immediately after 22 moves. On board 4 Neil won a nice clean game with tactics favouring him leading to another win for England. This left Ilan on board 3 needing at least a draw to win the match for England. This he duly did but had to sweat it out to the end - or in Ilan's words to the effect of something like "He gave me a lot of the brown stuff and I had to clean it up" you can see the gist of what he said :-) 

6th Round LOST -3 v. Ukraine

Following our win against Portugal, we bounced back down to earth after a heavy loss to the strong Ukrainian team. How times have changed quickly since we beat them in a shock win in the 1st round 4 years ago. On board 4 Neil got into difficulties when mixing up plans in the opening and had to resign when his king was too exposed. On board 3 I faced the Accelerated Dragon again, but this time my opponent knew the theory better than my previous opponent. I had considered a interesting tactical possibility in the middlegame which took me nearly 30 mins to think about but rejected it and instead went into an endgame with equal material but with doubled pawns. I could not save this endgame while I was slowly ground down again like against Poland. This left Chris and Phil on the top 2 boards trying to save our bacon and avoid a whitewash. Phil played the Benko Gambit and got a good enough position for a draw but his opponent's captain rejected Phil's draw offer although she seemed to be happy with a draw. Later on after a tough fight and short of time, Phil had to succumb to defeat. This left Chris saving our bacon with a hard fought draw where he was slightly better throughout the game but his opponent defended well.

7th Round WON 3- v. Scotland

It was great to see Scotland back as a team after a few years' absence - they were unfortunate when their 5th player Jack Giffen had to pull out at the last minute so their 4 players had to play all 9 rounds! England got the better of the Scots in the match with Richard on board 4 and Ilan board 3 using their experience to win against John Dearie and John Christie without too many problems. Chris on board 1 had an exciting tussle with Robert Burnett where it looked like Robert missed something with his strong queen and rook but Chris kept cool and mopped up with a pawn storm against a lone bishop.  On board 2 I prepared all morning against Ian Carmichael's 1.f4 or 1.b3 opening but instead he played 1.e4. Thanks Ian (!)...next time I'll just go for swim instead of preparing for you! Or perhaps I should join the Scotland team for 2014? ;-)  Ian had the initiative for much of the game and overlooked a strong looking backwards queen move which I had seen and feared. The game later fizzled out to an agreed draw.

8th Round WON 2-1  v. Azerbaijan

I was able to put my feet up for this match and so enjoyed spectating the games after visiting nearby Cascais. On board 3 Neil was in difficulty as black where his king was looking exposed but was relieved to get the half point in the bag. On board 4 Richard won a fine game smoothly and safely put another point in the bag so reducing the pressure on Chris and Phil on the top 2 boards. On board 1 Chris had a difficult game against the ICSC World Deaf-Blind champion Slepsov who slowly outplayed Chris just like he outplayed me in Hamburg last year in the Europa Cup. He had a grim defence a pawn down but it was even more grim when he lost a second pawn and so threw in the towel. This left Phil needing to win his game to win the match for England which he duly did slowly outplaying his opponent with precise moves a pawn up in the endgame.

9th Round LOST 1-3 v. Uzbekistan

I came back into the team fresh faced and I decided my preparation would just consist of a 10pm bedtime with zero chess preparation. This seemed to work well when on board 3 I won with the Dragon where the thematic exchange sacrifice on c3 along with complications on the queenside helped me back on terms in what looked like an interesting middlegame until my opponent suddenly blundered on the 29th move and resigned 4 moves later. Earlier Ilan on board 4 won a pawn out of the opening but at the cost of a lack of development and lost later after a flurry of moves which I missed out on seeing. Once again our boards 1 and 2 had another tough game against strong players where Phil's c3 Sicilian did not work out where he lost control of his d4 pawn and resigned soon afterwards. Chris had another difficult defence with black where he did well to get down to a rook and pawn endgame 2 pawns down with drawing chances available. Alas in time trouble he couldn't find the most accurate defence to pressure his opponent and resigned.

In the end we finished 11th= and 13th on tie-break which was pretty much par for the course given that we were the 12th seeds. It was clear once again that boards 1 and 2 is the toughest job for any of us - it didn't matter which one of us. It was no surprise that most of our points came from boards 3 and 4 given that was a much easier task. Hopefully all the players enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from it. I know I did.

Croatia won the event for the first time with Poland 2nd and Ukraine 3rd.

For a full set of results see;

There will be photos, clips and games appearing on the ICSC website in due course here;

When it comes up, I recommend having a look at the games that I personally witnesssed and was the most memorable for me as a spectator - Dunlop-Rozhkov for a nice attacking game; IM Collutiis-Bokros for the queen sacrifice and Naurygaliev-Burnett for a tremendous fight by EDCA member Robert which went to the wire until he unfortunately lost on time. 

There was also the 1st ICSC World Blitz Championship held, which was won by IM Sergey Salov. For England, Phillip Gardner, Richard Dunn and Chris Kreuzer also played. For full results of this see;


Now it's time for the thank you's, like an actor speaking after winning an Oscar..........

Thank you Barry David for the moral support and arranging the bargain accommodation. Thank you Peter Handy for arranging the pennants given to our opponents' captains - they were all much appreciated by our opponent teams. Thank you Phillip Gardner for spotting the bargain England tshirts. Thank you Ilan Dwek for taking on the additional responsibility of captain, which as I discovered last year at the Europa Cup as captain of LDCC, is not an easy job to do. Thank you to Neil and Chris for their huge chess library - probably more books than the chess library in Hastings (!) Also thanks to them for their use of their laptops with game databases to help us with preparing for specific opponents.

Finally a big thank you to all our players themselves - Chris, Neil, Phil, Richard and Ilan for giving up their time off work and committing themselves to play chess for England and acquitting themselves well on behalf of the EDCA. Fundraising was very difficult due to various reasons: Portugal was very expensive in many respects, the economic downturn had an impact and the weakness of the pound against the euro did not help either.

The EDCA would like to thank the Friends of Chess and London Deaf Chess Club for their continued financial support and we also appreciated the individual donations given by our supporters.

Alasdair MacLeod



May 2010

EDCA Matthew Sunderland Rapidplay, Lutterworth 17th April 2010
10 EDCA members enjoyed the day and the tournament, held for the first time in Lutterworth at a function room in a pub. The location was handy for all members - travelling from Sheffield, London and Birmingham. A generous buffet for 10 people was laid out for lunch - there was more than plenty of food, perhaps enough for 20 people! This and the entry fee was provided for free by the EDCA.
After 6 bruising rounds, the winner was Phillip Gardner with 5/6 winning the Matthew Sunderland Quickplay trophy, closely followed by 4 players on 4/6. A few fun prizes was on offer: the best U120 performance went to David Whiston; the best fighting performance went to Mick Simmons for making Ilan and myself sweat it out in endgames - only a single slip in those endgames let him down. The final prize of the quickest win went to David Whiston for his game against Gian Muccini (making an EDCA comeback after 9 years' absence!). What were those fun prizes I hear you ask? Well they were simply a free pint each!
A good time was had by all and congratulations to the champion, Phillip. It's surprising that not more EDCA members took advantage of the free entry and free buffet lunch but there'll be another opportunity to play as the EDCA are thinking of holding this event every two years. Thanks to Barry David for coming up with the idea of using Lutterworth which got a big thumbs up from everyone there.
1st Phillip Gardner (Letchworth)                5/6
2nd Alasdair MacLeod (Worcester Park)   4/6 (SB:16)
3rd Richard Dunn (West Hampstead)         4/6 (SB:15)
4th Christopher Kreuzer (Whitton)             4/6 (SB:13)
5th Barry David (Finchley)                        4/6  (SB:12)
6th Ilan Dwek (Cricklewood)                    3/6
7th David Whiston (Sheffield)                  2/6
8th Jet Ajimal (Birmingham)                       2/6
9th Gian Muccini (Surbiton)                       1/6
10th Mick Simmons (Sheffield)                  0/6


April 2010

Latest entries for EDCA Matthew Sunderland Rapidplay, Lutterworth, 17th April 2010;

Richard Dunn, Chris Kreuzer, Alasdair MacLeod, Bary David, Ilan Dwek, Jet Ajimal, Mick Simmons, David Whiston, Phillip Gardner, Gian Muccini


February 2010

EDCA Matthew Sunderland Rapidplay

Venue: Lutterworth

Date: Saturday 17th April 2010

Time: 12noon -6.30pm

Free entry for EDCA members. Free lunch will be provided. We plan to go for an evening meal afterwards at a carvery.

For more details email: englishdeafchess@aol.com


November 2009

EDCA National Championship, Bristol


1st Lewis Martin (Swindon) 4/5 Cedric White trophy + 60
2nd Richard Dunn (Hampstead) 3.5/5 SB: 10 Runner-up, 30
3rd Neil Dunlop (Bath) 3.5/5 SB: 9.5
4th Barry David (Finchley) 3/5 SB: 8
5th Phillip Gardner (Letchworth) 3/5 SB: 6
6th Michael Freund (Canons' Park) 2.5/5 SB: 9.5
7th Ilan Dwek (Cricklewood) 2.5/5 SB: 8
8th Chris Williamson (Birmingham) 2.5/5 SB: 5
9th Chris Kreuzer (Whitton) 2/5 SB: 8
10th Alasdair MacLeod (Worcester Pk) 2/5 SB: 4.5

1st Jet Ajimal (Birmingham) 2.5/5 John Brown trophy + 25
2nd David Whiston (Sheffield) 2/5
3rd Mick Simmons (Sheffield) 1.5/5
4th Frank Wood (Liverpool) 0.5/5

Congrastulations to Lewis, at 18 the youngest EDCA Champion since Michael Freund in 1975.

Many thanks goes to Neil Dunlop for ensuring that things ran smoothly at the Bristol end and to Bristol Centre for the Deaf for allowing us use of their premises for the weekend. Great support was given by Ilan Dwek for being tournament controller where things ran smoothly without problems.

For the 2010 EDCA National Championship, the provisional venue is Birmingham.

October 2009

EDCA National Championship, Bristol 2009

Latest official entries (in alphabetical order);

Alasdair MacLeod
Barry David
Chris Kreuzer
Chris Williamson
David Whiston
Frank Wood
Ilan Dwek
Jet Ajimal
Lewis Martin
Michael Freund
Mick Simmons
Neil Dunlop
Phillip Gardner
Richard Dunn

July 2009

37th EDCA Congress and National Championship

Date: Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th October 2009
Venue: Bristol Centre for Deaf People

For further details email:

June 2009

London Deaf Chess Club once again took part in the ICSC Europa Cup held in Hamburg (Germany). LDCC, the 9th seeds, finished 8th out of 14 teams. The event once again won by Kiev (Ukraine) with Zagreb (Croatia) 2nd and Otweck (Poland) 3rd.

See here for the LDCC Captain's report;


May 2009

London Deaf Chess Club beat Sheffield Deaf Chess Club to earn the right to represent the EDCA at the upcoming ICSC Europa Cup in Hamburg this June.


Morning, 1st game
LDCC                                          SDCC
1. Chris Kreuzer (W) 1 - 0    Michael Freund (B)
2. Alasdair MacLeod 0 - 1    Peter Sharpe
3. Phillip Gardner      1 - 0   Stephen Gibson
4. Ilan Dwek             1 - 0    David Whiston


Afternoon, 2nd game
LDCC                                               SDCC
1. Chris Kreuzer (B)  0.5 - 0.5 Michael Freund (W)
2. Alasdair MacLeod   0 - 1    Peter Sharpe
3. Ilan Dwek               1 - 0    Stephen Gibson
4. Richard Dunn          1 - 0    Mick Simmons

LDCC 2.5 - 1.5 SDCC

Final result: LDCC 5.5 - 2.5 SDCC

EDCA William Onion Lightning Championship

Result, 8 rounds all-play-all
1st= Chris Kreuzer, Alasdair MacLeod 6.5/8
3rd Ilan Dwek 6/8
4th James Kelberman 4.5/8 *
5th Michael Freund 4.5/8
6th Barry David 4/8
7th David Whiston 2/8
8th Mick Simmons 1/8 **
9th Kevin Dingley 1/8

*James beat Michael in their individual game and so was placed ahead in 4th place.
** Mick beat Kevin in their individual game and so was placed ahead in 8th place.

February 2009

EDCA Club Championship

London Deaf Chess Club v. Sheffield Deaf Chess Club

Venue: Luton Deaf Club,
Alban Neve Centre,
Old Bedford Road,
LutonLU2 7NX

Date: 21st February 2009

2 matches, starting at 10am and finishing at circa. 5pm.

Spectators welcome!

EDCA Tri-AGM and William Onion Lightning Championship

: Luton Deaf Club
Date: Sunday

Tri-AGM to start at 10.30am

Lunch 12.30pm-1.30pm

William Onion Lightning tournament 1.30pm-3.30pm

October 2008

Chris Kreuzer made it 4 in a row in winning the Premier up in Edinburgh.
Richard Dunn was 2nd and Lewis Martin was 3rd.

Frank Wood won the Major which he last won back in 1989! John Christie was 2nd and John Dearie was the best performance out of the 4 deaf-blind players who took part in the Major.

See link below for full results and report on the event;

England beat Scotland at chess; Scotland beat England at draughts

See full England v. Scotland results here;

August 2008

Lewis Martin wins World Deaf Junior bronze medal!

In the Men's event, England's Chris Kreuzer finished with 5/11, 17th out of 24 players. In the junior event, Lewis Martin came 3rd for the boys in a 11 round all-play-all.

For full results, games and photos see

June 2008

The October weekend date has been confirmed by SCDAD;

England vs. Scotland Chess and Draughts match;
Date: Friday 17th October 2008
Venue: Deaf Action, Edinburgh

Joint SCDAD and EDCA Congress
Date: Saturday 18th October - Sunday 19th October 2008
Venue: Deaf Action, Edinburgh

Provisionally the chess/draughts matches will take place on the Friday afternoon and evening with a meal in between. This will enable the England players to have the choice of travelling up on Thursday or on the Friday morning.

Further discussions are continuing between myself and my counterpart in Scotland, Ian Carmichael - this includes putting together the entry forms and accommodation details. So more details to come - but for now, put that October date in your diaries!

April 2008

The EDCA have accepted an invitation from SCDAD for another round of England v. Scotland chess and draughts matches. The joint SCDAD/EDCA Chess Congress will also be held in Edinburgh on an October weekend - date to be confirmed.

Next year for 2009 we will revert to our traditional cycle with our national Championship held in an Midlands venue, possibly Birmingham.

April 2008

Here is the EDCA group travelling to Switzerland this July;

World Individual (Men) - Chris Kreuzer (England); David Guy (Wales)
World Junior (Boys) - Lewis Martin
World Open - Barry David, Neil Dunlop, Richard Dunn

ICSC officials Phillip Gardner and Michael Freund will also be attending.
Lewis' father will also be present and EDCA treasurer Ilan Dwek will attend the ICSC Congress on our behalf. Tony Boyce will be with Ilan for the same

For more details on the ICSC event in St.Gallen, Switzerland see;

November 2007

EDCA Qualifying tournament 16th-18th November, London

1st Chris Kreuzer 4.5/6
2nd= Phillip Gardner 2.5/6
2nd= Alasdair MacLeod 2.5/6
2nd= Barry David 2.5/6

Congratulations to Chris Kreuzer on earning the right to represent England in the ICSC World Individual Championship in St. Gallen, Switzerland in July 2008.

November 2007

35th EDCA Congress and National Championship, October 2007

Congratulations to Chris Kreuzer on winning a hat-trick of EDCA National Championships! In the Major, debutant Neil Dunlop stormed through the field with a perfect score.

For a full report and results see

September 2007

35th EDCA Congress and National Championship, October 2007

This will be held at Luton Deaf Club over the weekend of 27th-28th October 2007. Entry forms have been sent out - if you would like one, email

July 2007

The EDCA Qualifying tournament due to be held over the weekend of 13th-15th July has been postponed to 16th-18th November 2007. The participants are;

Christopher Kreuzer, Phillip Gardner, Alasdair MacLeod, Barry David

It will be a 6 round all-pla-all with both colours and the venue will be 38 Ebury Street, London SW1. Spectators welcome - for more info. about the event email

June 2007

ICSC Europa Cup, Primorsko (Bulgaria), 30th May-4th June 2007

London Deaf Chess Club once again represented the EDCA and finished a creditable 9th out of 16 teams after being seeded 11th. The winners for the 3rd successive time was Kiev (Ukraine), 2nd Zagreb (Croatia), 3rd Hamburg (Germany).

The LDCC team finished on 14.5/28 points, just above 50%. The individual performances were as follows;

1. Chris Kreuzer 3.5/6
2. Alasdair MacLeod 3.5/7
3. Richard Dunn 2.5/6
4. Barry David 1.5/3
5. Ilan Dwek 3.5/6

The next Europa Cup will be held in Hamburg (Germany) in 2009.

June 2007

EDCA Qualifying tournament

This will be held over the weekend of 13th-15th July 2007 and will be a 4 player double round all-play-all. The 4 players are;

Phillip Gardner
Chris Kreuzer
Alasdair MacLeod
Barry David

The winner will represent England at the ICSC World Individual Championship to be held in St.Gallen (Switzerland) from 19th July-2nd August 2008.

The EDCA have offered a place in the 2nd ICSC World Junior Championship at the same venue as themain event to Lewis Martin, 15.

June 2007

35th EDCA Congress and National Championship, October 2007

This will be held at Luton Deaf Club over the weekend of 27th-28th October 2007. So keep that weekend free!

January 2007

EDCA Club Championship
(28th January 2007, Sheffield)

Sheffield Deaf CC - London Deaf CC

Match 1 result:

1. (W) Peter Sharpe - Alasdair Macleod
2. (B) Steve Gibson 0-1 Christopher Kreuzer
3. (W) David Whiston 0-1 Ilan Dwek
4. (B) Mick Simmons 0-1 Barry David


Match 2 result:

1. (B) Peter Sharpe 0-1 Christopher Kreuzer
2. (W) Steve Gibson 0-1 Ilan Dwek
3. (B) David Whiston 0-1 Barry David
4. (W) Mick Simmons - Michael Freund


Final result: SDCC 1 - 7 LDCC

Congratulations to LDCC in earning the right to represent England in the Europa Cup for Deaf Chess Clubs to be held in Bulgaria, 30th May - 4th June 2007.

The EDCA are grateful to Sheffield Deaf Sport and Social Club for letting us have the use of their premises for the day.

November 2006

34th EDCA Congress & National Championship,
Sheffield, 28th-29th October 2006

Chris Kreuzer successfully defended his EDCA title in Sheffield with an unbeaten score of 4/5. Second place was very close with three players tied on 3.5 points but after applying the tie-break system, as Alasdair MacLeod beat both Robert Burnett and Lewis Martin, he was awarded 2nd place. Robert Burnett was 3rd with Lewis Martin 4th as Burnett had a better Sonneborg-Berger score.
The EDCA National Championship title went right to the wire with everything depending on the very last game to finish in the 5th round. Kreuzer needed at least a draw while MacLeod needed to win to reclaim the title he won in 2004. Both players certainly took their time, with the opening moves made carefully. MacLeod missed an opportunity to gain a clear advantage in the middle game, instead going for a variation where he was a pawn up - but in a rook and pawn endgame. Krezuer hung on in severe time trouble, making the last 15 plus moves to time control in less than 2 minutes. He even fought back in the endgame, gaining the initiative despite being a pawn down. Krezuer forced a repetition of moves with MacLeod's turn to be in time trouble in the rapidplay finish, so giving him the EDCA National Championship for the second time.
In the Major tournament, Gary Hunter of Warrington found himself in hot streak of form to win the Major Section, his first EDCA trophy. John Christie from Scotland performed very consistently to win second place. Top seed David Whiston couldn't find top form in finishing third.
The EDCA would like to thank Sheffield Deaf Sports and Social Club for letting us have the use of their premises for the whole weekend.

Premier (5 rounds)
1st Chris Kreuzer (Whitton) ECF 148 4/5 60 + Cedric White trophy
2nd Alasdair MacLeod (Worcester Park) ECF 141 3/5 30
3rd Robert Burnett (Dundee) ECF 138 3/5
4th Lewis Martin (Swindon) ECF 146 3/5
5th Peter Sharpe (Sheffield) YCA 126 2/5
6th James Kelberman (Purley) ECF 100 2/5
7th Ian Carmichael (Falkirk) 125E 2/5
8th Michael Freund (Stanmore) ECF 119 2/5
9th Albert Kelberman (Grays) 110E 2/5
10th Barry David (Finchley) ECF 126 2/5
11th Chris Williamson (Birmingham) ECF 100 1/5
12th Mick Simmons (Sheffield) ECF 101 0/5

Major (5 rounds)
1st Gary Hunter (Warrington) 4/5 40 + John Brown trophy
2nd John Christie (Kirkcaldy) 3/5 20
3rd David Whiston (Sheffield) ECF 103 3/5
4th Mark Towler (Aberdeen) 3/5 25 Best Minor performance
5th Andrew McLean (Stirling) 3/5
6th John Dearie (Riddrie) 2/5
7th John Brown (Borough Green) 2/5
8th Graham Duff (Dundee) 1/5
9th Des Masterson (Islington) 1/5
10th Tom Selby (Stepney) /5

England v Scotland chess/draughts matches, Sheffield 27th October 2006

Morning: England 'A' 4 - 0 Scotland 'A'
England 'B' 3 - 1 Scotland 'B'
Afternoon: England 'A' 2-1 Scotland 'A'
England 'B' 4 - 0 Scotland 'B'

Total: England 13 - 2 Scotland

The EDCA retained the WR Leitch trophy won in Glasgow 2002.

Draughts: England 16 - 16 Scotland

September 2006

World Deaf Team Championship, Hungary 8th-17th September

England finished 7th, an excellent performance after being 10th seeds. The highlight was the 1st round victory against the 2nd seeds, Ukraine. See "Games" for the game score of Chris Kreuzer's miniature against an ELO rated 2291 player.

The winners were Russia, 2nd Germany and 3rd Hungary.

http://msssz.hu/chess/results.html for full results, games and photos.

The English Deaf Chess Association would like to thank the Friends of Chess, London Deaf Chess Club, Sheffield Deaf Chess Club and the many individual donors whose loyal support made this valuable experience possible.

August 2006

England vs. Scotland Chess and Draughts matches
27th October 2006, Sheffield

34th EDCA Congress and National Championship
28th-29th October 2006

For an entry form email:

June 2006

A profile of Lewis Martin was shown on BBC's See Hear on 10th June.
May 2006

BBC's See Hear - Keep an eye out for an upcoming report on EDCA member Lewis Martin.

Watch this space!

March 2006

William Onion Lightning Championship, Luton, 23rd March 2006

Result (8 rounds, all-play-all)
1st Alasdair MacLeod 8/8
2nd Phillip Gardner 6/8
3rd= Michael Freund 5/8
3rd= Barry David 5/8
3rd= James Kelberman 5/8
6th Chris Kreuzer 4/8
7th= David Whiston 1.5/8
7th=Gian Muccini 1.5/8
9th Mick Simmons 0/8

It was Alasdair MacLeod's 3rd EDCA Lightning title.

January 2006

Lewis Martin has pulled out of the England team due to school committments. A great shame as he was available to play on the original date of July 2006 in Italy but that changed to September 2006 in Hungary. Lewis is replaced with Ilan Dwek, the 1st reserve.

The revised England team is as follows;

Phillip Gardner (Letchworth)
Chris Kreuzer (Whitton)
Richard Dunn (Hampstead)
Alasdair MacLeod (Worcester Park)
Ilan Dwek (Hendon)

October 2005

33rd EDCA Congress and Annual National Championship, Birmingham

Chris Kreuzer wins first EDCA National Championship

Premier (5 rounds)
1st Christopher Kreuzer (Twickenham) 4/5
2nd Phillip Gardner (Letchworth) 3/5
3rd Robert Burnett (Dundee) 3/5
4th Alasdair MacLeod (Worcester Park) 3/5
5th Lewis Martin (Swindon) 3/5
6th David Guy (Llanelli) 2/5
7th Barry David (Finchley) 2/5
8th James Kelberman (Kenley) 2/5
9th Chris Williamson (Birmingham) 1/5
10th David Whiston (Sheffield) 0/5

1st Mick Simmons (Sheffield) 4/5
2nd Rod Owen (Wolverhampton) 3/5
3rd Gary Hunter (Warrington) 3/5
4th John Wassell (Birmingham) 2/5
5th John Brown (Borough Green) 1/5
6th Jet Ajimal (Birmingham) 1/5

Tournament Controller: Ilan Dwek (Hendon)

April 2005

EDCA Qualifying tournament, 22nd-24th April 2005, London
5 round all-play-all

1st Richard Dunn (Hampstead) 3.5/5
2nd Lewis Martin (Swindon) 3/5
3rd Phillip Gardner (Letchworth) 3/5
4th Chris Kreuzer (Twickenham) 2.5/5
5th Ilan Dwek (Cricklewood) 1.5/5
6th Barry David (Finchley) 1.5/5

Congratulations to Richard Dunn, Lewis Martin, Phillip Gardner and Chris Kreuzer in joining Alasdair MacLeod (Current EDCA Champion) in earning to right to represent England in the World Team Championship for the Deaf to be held in Italy next year.
Lewis Martin, 13, proved that his 4th place in the EDCA National Championship last October in Romford was no fluke in coming 2nd in the narrowest of tie-break margins ahead of 7 times EDCA Champion Phillip Gardner.

33rd EDCA Congress
The EDCA Executive are proud to announce the date and venue of the 33rd EDCA Congress.

Venue: Birmingham Deaf Sports and Social Club
Date: 29th-30th October 2005

Entry forms and further details will be out later in the summer. In the meantime, put the date in your diary!

April 2005

EDCA Qualifying tournament
: 38 Ebury Street, London, SW1
Date: 22nd April-24th April 2005
Phillip Gardner, Chris Kreuzer, Richard Dunn, Ilan Dwek, Barry David, Lewis Martin.
5-round all-play-all system.
The top 4 players will earn the right to join the reigning EDCA Champion Alasdair MacLeod in the 5 man team for the World Team Championship to be held in Bolzano, Italy, July 2006.

November 2004

EDCA Congress, Romford, 30th-31st October 2004
Alasdair MacLeod new EDCA Champion
Alasdair MacLeod has become the first "new face" to be English Deaf Chess Champion for 10 years!

Premier (10 players)
1st Alasdair MacLeod (London) 4/5
2nd Phillip Gardner (Letchworth) 3.5/5
3rd Chris Kreuzer (Teddington) 3.5/5
4th Lewis Martin (Swindon) 3.5/5

Alasdair MacLeod won 60 & the Cedric White trophy. Phillip Gardner won 30.

Major (7 players)
1st Chris Williamson (Birmingham) 5/6
2nd John Brown (Kent) 5/6

Chris Williamson won 40, the John Brown trophy. John Brown won 20.

Chess book prizes were given out as well.

The key moment in the Premier was the 4th round where Alasdair MacLeod finally beat 7 times EDCA Champion Phillip Gardner for the first time ever in 8 years! In the final round, Lewis needed to beat Alasdair to become champion while Alasdair needed only at least a draw. After winning a pawn and feeling comfortable, Alasdair offered a draw which Lewis had little option but to accept. Phillip Gardner won 2nd place on tie-break from Chris Kreuzer and Lewis Martin.
The most eye-catching performance was from the deaf chess prodigy Lewis Martin, 13, and a pupil at MaryHareGrammar School, who was making his debut in the Premier. The occasion unfazed him where managed to defeat 2 members of the England Deaf Team who played in the last World Deaf Team Championship in Lithuania back in 2002. He only lost 1 game - to the no.1 seed, Phillip Gardner.
Special mention also has to be made of David Whiston who won the Major last year and so was promoted to the Premier this year. He produced some giant-killing wins against the no. 3 seed and no.7 seed. He finished with a very creditable 50 % score despite being the bottom seed.
The Major section saw plenty of action due to the change to an all-play-all format. The experienced Chris Williamson won the John Brown trophy where the key moment was his win against Lou Nardi in the penultimate round. John Brown himself made a comeback to EDCA Congress chess after more than 15 years to claim 2nd place!
The EDCA would like to thank Romford Deaf Club for being excellent hosts and letting us have use of their premises. Special thanks goes to James Kelberman for setting up the arrangements with Romford over the past few months and for making sure the hungry chess players were fed properly! The bonus of the weekend was holding Albert Kelberman's birthday celebrations on the Saturday evening which was enjoyed by all.
Thanks also goes to Ilan Dwek for his valuable assistance in organising the tournament and ensuring things went smoothly with the equipment and pairings. Additional thanks are due to the unexpected volunteers who helped out with the setting up of equipment and catering.
All in all you can see it was a fantastic team effort!
Last but not least - many thanks to all the participants of this Congress in helping this be a weekend to remember!

September 2004

EDCA Club Championship, London, 4th September 2004

Match 1
London Deaf                       3 - 1         Sheffield Deaf
1. Chris Kreuzer (w)            1 - 0           Peter Sharpe (b)
2. Richard Dunn (b)            1 - 0           Ian Carmichael (w)
3. Alasdair MacLeod (w) 0.5 - 0.5         Stephen Gibson (b)
4. Ilan Dwek (b)             0.5 - 0.5          David Whiston (w)

Match 2
London Deaf                      4 - 0           Sheffield Deaf
1. Richard Dunn (b)            1 - 0            Peter Sharpe (w)
2. Alasdair MacLeod (w)    1 - 0            Ian Carmichael (b)
3. Ilan Dwek (b)                1 - 0             Stephen Gibson (w)
4. Barry David (w)             1 - 0             Mick Simmons (b)

Result: LDCC 7 - 1 SDCC

Congratulations to London Deaf Chess Club for earning the right to represent the EDCA in the Europa Cup for Deaf Chess Clubs to be held in Slovakia, June 2005.

William Onion EDCA Lightning tournament, London, 5th September 2004

1st Alasdair MacLeod 7/9 (winner on tie-break)
2nd Richard Dunn 7/9
3rd Michael Freund 6/9

Played in a all-play-all format with 10 players, Alasdair MacLeod won his 2nd EDCA Lightning title.

August 2004

32nd EDCA Congress
: 30th-31st October 2004
Where: Romford Deaf Club

For more info. please contact:

EDCA Club Championship
: 11am, Saturday 4th September 2004
Venue: 38 Ebury Street, London, SW1
: 10.30am-12.30pm, Sunday 5th September 2004
Venue: 38 Ebury Street, London, SW1
EDCA William Onion Lightning tournament
: 1.30pm-4.30pm, Sunday 5th September 2004
Where: 38 Ebury Street, London, SW1

August 2004

World Individual Championship for the Deaf, World Junior Championship for the Deaf, World Open, (Malente (Nr. Hamburg), Germany)

The England representative, Phillip Gardner put in a very solid performance in coming 13th= out of 28 participants with 5.5/11 but ended 18th on tie-break.
Veselin Georgiev (Bulgaria) successfully defended his title with 9/11 ahead of Diulio Collutiis (Italy) also 9/11 but Georgiev beat him in their individual game. Sergei Salov (Russia) was 3rd. EDCA members David Guy (Wales) was 19th and Ian Carmichael (Scotland) was 27th.
In the World Open EDCA members Richard Dunn was 4th out of 31 participants with Chris Kreuzer 9th and Robert Burnett (Scotland) 17th.

January 2004

World Individual Championship for the Deaf, World Junior Championship for the Deaf, World Open, (Malente (Nr. Hamburg), Germany)
The above prestigious event will be held from July 23rd to August 5th 2004.
If you are interested in taking part in the World Open or attending as a visitor, then send an email to;

November 2003

EDCA Congress, Sheffield, 8th-9th November 2003

Barry David successfully defends EDCA title.

Many congratulations to Barry David on successfully defending his EDCA title! It is his 3rd title after his successes in 1983 (!) and 2002.

1st Barry David (Finchley) 4/5
2nd Peter Sharpe (Sheffield) 4/5
3rd Ilan Dwek (Cricklewood) 3.5/5

1st David Whiston (Sheffield) 3/5
2nd Mick Simmons (Sheffield) 3/5

The 31st EDCA Congress was successful with 17 entries which could have become well over 20 if several notable players had been able to take part!
The EDCA would like to thank Sheffield Deaf Club for being excellent hosts and look forward to returning in 2006!
I would also especially like to thank Mick Simmons, David Whiston and Peter Sharpe for ensuring that things were organised at the Sheffield end. Last but not least, I would like to thank Ilan Dwek and James Kelberman for their assistance in controlling the tournament.
All in all you can see it was a fantastic team effort!

November 2003

The 31st EDCA Congress will be taking place in Sheffield over the weekend of 8th-9th November 2003.
There will be prizes and trophies on offer and evening entertainment on the Saturday evening in addition to the bar facilities.
Everyone of all playing strengths are welcome to play and if you want further details then please contact us at;

September 2003

David Guy vs. Phillip Gardner II

This re-match was held over the weekend of 13th-14th September 2003 having been postponed from May 2003. It was won by Phillip Gardner after the first 2 slowplay games were drawn but Phillip won both of the rapidplay games
Many congratulations to Phil who earns the right to represent the EDCA at the World Individual Deaf Chess Championship in Hamburg, July 2004.

July 2003

EDCA vs. British Correspondence Chess Association match

We urgently need volunteers to represent the EDCA in this challenge correspondence chess match between the EDCA and the BCCA. We are hoping to raise a 10 man team. For further details contact us at;